Titans Won? Really?


You’re backup to the single greatest quarterback of the 21st century so far, feeding off him, learning his every move and thought, studying him studying the game…and you still play like crap? I just don’t get it! I have a feeling if Coach Dungy would have put Peyton in that situation with three minutes left in the Q4 that the Colts would have marched down the field, scored a TD and ran down the clock so far that “Geriatric” Collins in all his infinite wisdom and decades of experience couldn’t have done anything about it. The Colts would have won and ended the season at an amazing 14-2, but now we’re 13-3 because Jim Sorgi moved the ball about as efficiently as Vick loved dogs.

Sorgi…I don’t just don’t get it.

There were a couple of good things to come out of last night’s Crapfest to Bring in the New Year though. First, all who started last night came away with only the usual bumps and bruises and those who sat out should still be ready for action in two weeks. Second, Bob Sanders proved why he is now the highest paid safety in the league at $37.5 million over the next 5 years. And last, Reggie Wayne earned himself a fantastic title for the 2007-2008 season: the receiver with the most reception yards at well over 1,500 yards (clobbering both the next two receivers, Randy Moss and Chad Johnson who still sit in the 1,400-yard category)! Not to mention, he broke his personal best for receptions in a season with a pass from Sorgi!

So, here’s to you 8-7! Great job, but it’s not over yet…If you catch another 300 yards or so then that is probably indication enough why the Colts will repeat in February!

But before I leave you all, I have to point out that this was one of the hardest hitting games I’ve ever seen and it’s in part to plays like the one below…WOW!