Ode to the AFC South Division


Take a look at the AFC Playoffs picture below…See anything worth noting there? How about the fact that there are THREE TEAMS represented from the AFC South this year vying for a chance at the title. And, though highly unlikely, should the Colts go out before the Big Game, we should be rooting all three of our division opponents on to a victory. What a statement! Here’s a look at the AFC South‘s season records…


Indianapolis Colts, 13-3, Division Champion (No. 2 in AFC)
Jacksonville Jaguars, 11-5 (Wildcard 1 spot)
Tennessee Titans,  10-6 (Wildcard 2 spot)
Houston Texans, 8-8

And as for those 16-0 Patriots who hail from the AFC East, let’s take a look at how their conference did, shall we?

New England Patriots, 16-0, Division Champion (No. 1 in AFC)
Buffalo Bills, 7-9
New York Jets, 4-12
Miami Dolphins, 1-15

And this is why, although I accept and congratulate the Pats on a great season, I do not fully accept that they deserve it when they have, basically, six free games to win. The Colts actually had to fight and win their six division games to get where they are, losing only one division game this season and that’s when Peyton, Addai, Harrison and countless others sat out for at least 3 quarters.