Titans vs. Colts, the Dome, Bob Sanders, etc…


The end of the ’08 regular season comes for the Colts tonight at home (8:15pm, Channel 13) against AFC South division foe, Tennessee Titans. The Colts already have their playoff picture painted at No. 2 in the AFC (but No. 1 in our minds, right?), home field advantage guaranteed for the first game, a first-round bye, and their 5th consecutive AFC South title. Not bad for coming out of easily the toughest division in the league. Chances are, though, the Colts are going to have the toughest road to the Super Bowl too. The Colts will probably be playing the Jaguars in the second round, easily the toughest team in the league in the last half of the season.

Remember, this game is the last game in The Dome…the Colts home since they moved to Indy in ’84-’85. Since 2004, the Colts are 28-3 at home – the best record in the league!

So, tonight, if the Titans win they’re in…and the Browns are out. It’s as simple as that. So while we’re resting our starters, the Titans are coming full steam ahead as their season is on the line. Who cares? 13-3 after the season we’ve had is amazing! Then again, should the Colts give Marvin Harrison some snaps, just to get him warm again…Why? That’s right, if you haven’t already heard (as it’s plastered across Indy television recently)…MARVIN PRACTICED ON THURSDAY!!! It looks like we’re going to have a healthy lineup for the playoffs after all!!!

How much sweat will Jim Sorgi work up tonight should Peyton and Marvin need a few extra snaps to work on their timing?

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