It Will be a Sad Day


The Colts play there last regular season game ever in the RCA (Hoosier) Dome this sunday, and I never really thought about it, but it is kinda sad to think about it being gone.  As a kid growing up in Indiana I have always enjoyed football much more than I ever did basketball, which pretty much made me an outcast here in the Hoosier state, but I didn’t care.  The dome has been in Indiana all my life, and I can remember as a kid riding in my parents truck around I-465 and always seeing the dome in the distance, and just being fascinated with it.  My parents would try to point out Market Square Arena, where the Pacers played before the fieldhouse was built, and it just looked trashy compared to the dome.  I have seen the Colts play several times and honestly there is not a bad seat in the entire place, unlike the Conseco Fieldhouse  where I have been stuck behind a beam before, which makes it pretty hard to watch the game. 

My fondest memory has to be my senior year of football when I got to play at The RCA Dome.  Even though my high school and the oppositions high school could not even come close to filling even a quater of the seats it was still pretty loud.  Just everyone screaming and it echoing from from the roof, and coming back down on to the field.  It was very exciting, especially since we won 28-0.

It will be a sad day when the dome is replaced, but until then we have one regular season game, and at least one playoff game to see our Indianapolis Colts, play in the Dome so lets enjoy it while it’s here, and respect the history that it has brought us.  Because without the RCA Dome Irsay may have never moved the colts to Indy in the first place.