Let’s Give It Up For A Legend!


Okay, boys and girls, some more history was made this week (it’s kind of old hat for the NFL this year with so many records being broken) and Brett Favre was the man today. Favre passed legend Dan “It Couldn’t Last Forever” Marino as the all-time leading passer with over 61,362 yards. The play was a simple 7-yard slant pattern to Donald Driver for a first down with 14:37 remaining in the Q4. Both Marino and Favre, upon reaching this outstanding milestone, were in their 17th season in the NFL…and who knows? Will Brett decide another season or bow out in February (as the Green Bay Packers, now 12-2 on the season, are my midseason pick for the NFC rep in the Super Bowl).

Personally, I’m a pretty big Favre fan – as is Michael, Naptown’s other contributor – and I’d really like to see him come back next season. He’s a great competitor, and he’s still got that childish passion for the game! (Just look at the photo above for proof of his passion!) The league will sorely miss this kind of personality should he retire.

Either way, let’s give it up for a legend of football…Brett Favre.


For a more in-depth look at Brett Favre’s record-breaking, well, record, click here. (ESPN.com)