Dropping Bombs!


It might be a pretty boring two weeks ahead of us should the Colts continue to drop bombs like they have since the Falcons game on Thanksgiving. Last week, the Colts yawned and stretched in the Q2, Jim Sorgi saw his first Q3 appearance in the NFL against a team that should have beaten the Pats only a week earlier, and Bob Sanders blew that Ravens offense up! That game also clinched a playoff berth, though not a No. 2 homefield game yet.

Next up is Oakland… … …I don’t really have a preview except JaMarcus Russell, should the Raiders coach get smart and start him, is relatively unknown except for a few snaps last week so the mystery is enough to give caution. I’d hate for the Raiders to score more than 10 this game, honestly. This game will do a number of things for the Colts:

It will be a W in the win column, which is always nice to see, pushing the Colts to 12-2;

A win will separate the Colts from the still-dangerous No. 3 Pittsburgh Steelers;

Should the Colts win and the Jaguars lose to the Steelers this week, the Colts will have clinched their 5th divisional title in 5 years;

Should the Colts lose and the Jaguars win, the AFC South is back up in the air;

But should the Colts win and the Jaguars win, the AFC South – with a Colts win in Houston just for good measure – falls back into the Colts hands!

So, the Houston Texans, who is actually a good team that looks bad because of which division they’re in, is going to be a tough game. You know…the complete opposite of the New England Patriots who look better than they really are because six games this year have come on a silver platter because of which division they’re in. This game will galvanize the Colts’ divisional dominance no matter what, but I think the actual division title will come on Dec. 30 when we face the Titans.

To close out the season it’s the Tennessee Titans, which might be the game where the starters sit out after the Q1 to rest for the postseason. It’s going to be a tough game and I’m thinking the offense will probably be held up pretty well but there’s no stopping this defense we have! Bob Sanders, not Peyton Manning, is the man who is going to lead our Indianapolis Colts to a 14-2 record!!!

And then the first round bye, second round win, AFC Championship victory over the Pats and a second consecutive SB win against the Packers (yeah, I’m calling the Packers over the Cowboyswhat?)…DROPPING BOMBS, BABY!!!