Better Off Without J.O.?


Here’s some more info for those on the better-off-without-Jermaine O’Neal bandwagon, from a pretty good article on Mike Dunleavy‘s resurgence:

"The Pacers (8-8) appear to be in the process of phasing out Jermaine O’Neal, whose back-to-the-basket game doesn’t fit with O’Brien’s Rick Pitino-influenced, see-the-three-be-the-three offense. Dunleavy, Danny Granger (career-high 18.4 points) and point guard Jamaal Tinsley (13.9 points, career-high 8.3 assists) are thriving. It might not be a coincidence that Indiana is 5-1 without O’Neal this season. It is 3-7 with him. (You get the feeling that O’Neal will have to turn into an overdribbling, gunslinging Antoine Walker to blend in better).O’Neal has missed the past five games, and the Pacers have lost once. They’ve pulled off back-to-back road wins against the Denver Nuggets and Portland Trail Blazers this week, with Dunleavy combining for 50 points and 15 rebounds in those victories."