Battle for the No-Effin’-Chance Conference!!!


While our Colts are resting this week with some easier practices (they didn’t don their pads until yesterday, almost a full week after their game against the Falcons), the ‘Boys and the Packers are gearing up for the NFC equivalent to their Super Bowl. (Aw, isn’t that cute…the NFC thinks they can stand up to the AFC.) Too bad only one-third of Americans will be able to watch it because the NFL Network is the only station airing it.

Tonight’s NFC battle should be epic, again, equivalent to a Pats-Colts game:

A weak rush defense versus an always ground-gaining running game.

Two QBs constantly being compared to the other.

Extremely impressive passing games versus extremely impressive pass defenses.

The certainty of establishing dominance in that conference.


Ryan Grant will open some things up for Favre, but don’t count on a good game from him like Detroit…50 yards rushing.

Dallas‘ rush game will do only slightly better than Green Bay‘s, but again, it’s just going to be enough for Romo to work with. Nothing more…70-80 yards rushing.

Favre‘s throwing for 250 yards; Romo for close to 325. (Here’s a quality comparison.)

T.O.‘s got 2 TDs and over 150 yards receiving on the night.

This is not going to come down to defense and it’s not going to come down to offense. Both will do well, but nothing spectacular. It’s going to come down to special teams. The team with their kicker on the field last will win the game and be the team to beat in the NFC.

FINAL SCORE: 34-31, Green Bay.


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