Thanksgiving is always a treat as Ameri..."/> Thanksgiving is always a treat as Ameri..."/> Thanksgiving is always a treat as Ameri..."/>

Around the League (Week 12)


Thanksgiving is always a treat as America’s game is spread out over five days instead of just two, not to mention it ushers in Thursday night games and solidifies Flex Scheduling. It’s the home stretch and it’s Week 12 so I’m throwing everything ‘atcha…let’s get to recappin’!

(10-1) Green Bay at (6-5) Detroit – Brett Favre cooks up 20 straight completions and serves the Lions and the league a healthy dose of shut the hell up! FINAL SCORE: 37-26.

(2-9) New York Jets at (10-1) Dallas – Are you sure the Jets beat the Steelers last week because they got the stuffing beat out of them on Thanksgiving? FINAL SCORE: 3-34.

(9-2) Indianapolis at (3-8) Atlanta – Warrick Dunn reached the 10,000 yard mark, but Indy gave them nothing else to give thanks for. FINAL SCORE: 31-13.

(6-5) Tennessee at (4-7) CincinattiChad Johnson reels in 3 TDs, steals a Bengals receiving record from Carl Pickens and works the camera! Is there anything this guy can’t do? FINAL SCORE: 6-35.

(5-6) Houston at (7-4) Cleveland – Big day for Jamaal Lewis (134 yards) and the Browns as they roll over this perennial AFC South outhouse. FINAL SCORE: 17-27.

(3-8) Oakland at (4-7) Kansas City – Dante Culpepper‘s still in, huh? Is he turning into the Rex Grossman of the West Coast? FINAL SCORE: 20-17.

(7-4) Seattle at (2-9) St. Louis – The Seahawks got scared in the Q1 being down by 9 points, but they found a way to get it done by shutting that thing they call an offense down there in the 2nd half. FINAL SCORE: 24-19.

(5-6) Minnesota at (7-4) New York Giants – Eli, Eli, Eli…3 INTs returned for 3 TDs. You could be 8-3 right now had you not tried to force those passes. FINAL SCORE: 41-17.

(5-6) Washington at (7-4) Tampa BayRonde Barber becomes the Bucs‘ all-time leading INT-er in this defense-dominating win…the Washington defense, that is. FINAL SCORE: 13-19.

(5-6) New Orleans at (4-7) Carolina – Carr is benched, but it’s a good thing no one was there to see it. The Panthers are still winless at home. FINAL SCORE: 31-6.

(5-6) Buffalo at (8-3) JacksonvilleFred Taylor restated his dominance and Josh Scobee kicked them to victory. FINAL SCORE: 14-36.

(3-8) San Francisco at (5-6) Arizona – Kurt Warner drops back to pass from the endzone, fumble! Fumble!!! Pile on! Who got it? The 49ers fell on the ball in the endzone and won it in overtime. How’s Matt Leinart looking now? FINAL SCORE: 37-31.

(5-6) Denver at (5-6) Chicago – If it wasn’t for Devin Hester, would the Bears even have the guts to field a team each week? FINAL SCORE: 34-37.

(4-7) Baltimore at (6-5) San Diego – While the Chargers brush off that horrible start, Ed Reed and Ray Lewis just need to find a new employer. FINAL SCORE: 14-32.

(5-6) Philadelphia at (11-0) New England – Well, the Ickles and the Colts have stepped up to the plate and the Pats barely squeaked by…Is there anyone else who realizes that the Pats aren’t as good as their AFC East opponents let them be and is willing to knock them down a notch? FINAL SCORE: 28-31.

(0-10) Miami vs. (7-3) Pittsburgh, Monday night – Hey, the Jets pulled out the upset, but if the Dolphins knew what was good for them they wouldn’t even put on their jerseys tonight with a perfect season and a 1st Round-1st Pick draft choice on the line.

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