10 Questions w/ Arrowhead Addict


Adam at arrowheadaddict.com is the quintessential Arrowhead Addict! And he was nice enough to stop the battle cries and take his war paint off to sit down with us here at Naptown’s Finest and answer a few questions. Take a look and feel free to reply!


10. Which one do you think is better: Tony Gonzalez or Dallas Clark?

"The best tight end who ever put on a helmet — Tony Gonzalez."

9. By putting in Croyle, has Herm Edwards finally given up on this season and decided to rebuild?

"No. I just think Herm wanted to wait until there was little or no pressure to start Croyle. It was much easier to pull Huard for Croyle than the other way around. Pulling Croyle for Huard might have damaged the kid permanently, and it definitely would have pissed off the fan base."

8. What Colts players stand out to you as being dangerous or impressive?

"Besides Peyton Manning? Reggie Wayne. You look up and that guy has eight receptions for a buck twenty and two TDs. Bob Sanders, of course. He plays the run better than any safety I’ve ever seen. And Joseph Addai. Man, did he look great against the Patriots."

7. Do you think that the Chiefs are going to pull out six picks against Peyton this week as the Bolts did last week, or, as Herm Edwards put it, “there’s no cookies left” in Peyton Manning‘s INT jar?

"Ty Law always seems to pick Peyton off, so he’ll get one. That’s about it, though. There will be no Jarrad Page pick in the endzone this year, I’m afraid."

6. Are you aware that Damon Huard practices like Peyton Manning? Seriously, he’s learned every move and gyration Peyton uses in warm-up, so my real question is: What kind of future do you see for Huard in K.C. or elsewhere…even if some of his Peyton idolatry pans out?

"Huey can practice like Peyton all he wants, but he’s far from Peyton. Huard’s been a career back-up, and that’s what he’ll return to being. Either Croyle or someone from next year’s draft will be the future of the franchise at the quarterback position. Put a fork in Huard — he’s done."

5. Look, Colts fans humbly realize that our tailgating is about as good as the Chiefs’ chances at getting out of that Wild Card game last year. The Chiefs, however, are some of the rowdiest and best tailgaters in the nation. So with our new stadium next year, any tips to get us headed in the right direction?

"Yes. The tailgate is just as important as the game. In fact, as a fan it’s more important — it’s your game. Prepare for your tailgate like Peyton does games. Our staple is BBQ, but Chiefs tailgaters are always bringing new things into the fold trying to one up each other. Take some ownership, start early and finish late!"

4. With LJ out, can Holmes carry the load and be the player he once was?

"Priest Holmes is not quite the player he once was, and I’ve always thought that L.J. was the better player anyway. That being said, Priest still has plenty left in the tank and is actually a better pass blocker. He’ll be effective enough for the Chiefs to stay in ball games."

3. Both the Chiefs and the Colts are coming off two consecutive losses. Who has more on the line in this game?

"The Colts. Still, the Chiefs know that any shot they have at winning the division or a wild card birth evaporates with a loss. This will be no easy win for the Colts."

2. What’s your predictions for the game? Highlights? Final score?

"It will be pretty close for three quarters. Your M*A*S*H* line is going to have a miserable time trying to contain Jared Allen. I think he has two or three sacks. Ty Law will pick Peyton off. So will Derrick Johnson. Brodie will throw three picks, though, one of them being a pick six. Reggie Wayne will score twice. Tony Gonzalez once. Priest will finish with 60 yards rushing, about half as much as Addai. Final score: Colts 28, Chiefs 17"

1. Did Tony’s wife get tickets to the game?

"Just keep your eyes peeled for the hottest chick in the stadium and you’ll have your answer. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Indy (Pacers fan) — they don’t make ’em like that out there. Oh, and Kelli Croyle will be there, too. I’m sure the cameras will find her, this being Brodie’s first start and all.*********It all comes down to a Chiefs fan admitting defeat, right? Hey, we’ll take what we can get for the next few games!"

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