The Walking Wounded Going Padless Against the Chiefs?


What’s the worse that could happen, right? I think the Colts have seen how bad it can get (short of losing Addai and Manning).

Dungy had the boys begin the week with a no-pads practice, which he says is not indication of their gameplan against the Chiefs at home this Sunday. No, no! Practicing without pads this week, unlike any other week this season, is no indictment of the Chiefs play. We got you Tony…I know, I know! We get it. No, really. We know it wasn’t anything against the Chiefs.

Are you sure Croyle has to start though? There’s absolutely no way you can bring Captain Concussion back? Damn! Can you at least send his wife, Julie Green, to Indy this Sunday because we’ll need something to look at by halftime – the lead the Colts will have will be enough to just send local fans into the game against the Chiefs.

You know, in an effort to save what few players we have left.


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