When You Drop Five Straight, You Don’t Talk About the All-Star Game


The Pacers featured the image pictured and this piece today on the team’s official site. There are times to talk about the All-Star Game, and times not to. In the midst of a five-game losing streak is one of those times not to.

Anyway, here are the Pacers on the ballot, along with my handicap on their chances of making the midseason classic:

Danny Granger – Still a year too early, Plus, the Pacers will likely be sub-.500. 20-1

Jamaal Tinsley – How many times has he been on the ballot? How many times has he been selected? That’s what I thought. 100-1

Jermaine O’Neal – His name and “D” get him in. Again. For the record seventh and possibly last time as a Pacer. Even

Mike Dunleavy – Fans around the league will enjoy a chuckle when they see this one. 500-1

Well, we dropped one last night (Celtics) and then again tonight (Wizards). I hate to say this, but all of the pundits who said we hadn’t beaten anybody, they were right. It might get ugly before too long, folks. Just warning you. J.O. could even be wearing another uni by All-Star weekend in New Orleans.

I only have two things to say about tonight’s game: A.) It’s good to see Marquis Daniels play so well. B.) Granger is turning the ball over a ton. A ton.

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