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Yikes! Here Come the Big Three


The Pacers have quickly gone from unbeaten to .500.

Danny Granger, Jamaal Tinsley and Mike Dunleavy have returned to their mere mortal form of old.

Jermaine O’Neal is a long ways from being the conference’s best player. A long ways. (I thought he ways three or four years ago)

Big leads are once again being blown.

Great, just great. This is a perfect time for the NBA’s only unbeaten and arguably best team, the revamped Boston Celtics, to roll into town.

If you think Emeka, Melo and Sam I Am were hard to stop, just imagine what Jesus Shuttlesworth, The Big Ticket and The Truth will do to our defense. Tomorrow is likely going to be a long night for the Pacers, but I expect them to keep fighting. You can expect nothing less from a Jim O’Brien team. His personality will eventually rub off on the Pacers. It already has to a certain degree.

For now, I suggest that you just enjoy watching three likely Hall of Famers — Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen — play together, because in today’s NBA you don’t see that very often.

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