Inexperience and Injury


Two-straight losses. The latest one, as you know, came at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego and talk about getting shocked!

Peyton “Where’s the Beef” Manning throws 6 INTs.
Chargers run back 2 return TDs.
Adam “Choking the Clutch” Vinatieri misses two crucial FGs, including the game-winning chipshot.
The Colts are down to 17 total men on offense at the start of the game, and saw the injuries of Dallas Clark, Marvin Harrison, Anthony GonzalezCharlie Johnson (who replaced injured Tony Ugoh) and Ryan Diem to add to their misery.
On defense, they were already missing Tyjuan Hagler and Freddy Kieaho, but saw Dwight Freeney leave the stadium wearing a boot.
Indy was on the business end of the refereeing squad’s shotgun with ridiculously high school football mistakes…Nothing was falling into place on Sunday night in rainy San Diego.

The Colts blew a 10-point lead and lost like chumps to the Pats. Then they nearly won like the champs they are against a 23-point deficit.

The question is, When will our Colts get healthy and back on track?