Marvin’s Injury Report…Titans and Jags


It’s official.

The game-time decision whether to play or bench Marvin Harrison has been made. Marvin’s out. Check out the article from ESPN.

The Titans are sitting pretty at 6-2 and they’re fixing to lay a whoopin’ on AFC South contender Jacksonville today. Why on Earth have the Titans gotten to a 6-2 record and 2nd in the AFC South Division. The Colts are…well, they’re the Colts, and Houston’s not living up to their early season success, but Jacksonville’s still pretty impressive. Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor still maintain one of the most feared rushing duos in the league. David Garrard had some trouble recently, but the defense is still holding a middle-of-the-league success rate…not bad, not good.

But the Titans! Six-and-two so far this season! Vince Young has been non-existent for several weeks and yet they’ve got a 6-2 record. Nashville’s Giants have won 12 of their last 15 regular season games, and two of their losses have come within just five points (the Colts game earlier this season is included). The ColtsPatsCowboys and the Pack are the only teams with a better record than the Titans. And the Titans are No 5 in the league when it comes to points allowed per game: less than 15.5.

Young’s going through a slump and getting carried by his defense and LenDale White, while Jacksonville’s cradling a 5-3 record, an injured QB, and a still-kicking rushing attack. However, the Jags are going in without their QB Garrard.

Big showdown in Nashville today at 1pm.