Perfect no more. The Pacers go..."/> Perfect no more. The Pacers go..."/>

Tinsley Abducted by the Alien


Perfect no more. The Pacers got blown to smithereens (104-89) by the Los Angeles Clippers tonight, at home nonetheless. Jamaal Tinsley was particularly awful with a -22 plus-minus rating. He only could muster three points and two assists while allowing Sam “The Alien” Cassell to go off for 35 points and eight assists. I thought you were “The Abuser,” Mel?

Danny Granger was the Pacers’ best player (and I use the term “best” rather loosely here). He had a team-high 16 points, along with four assists, four rebounds, two blocks and a steal. Still, Corey Maggette got the better of that match-up, as his +28 plus-minus ranking indicates.

The other thing I want to make a note of is how Chris Kaman flat out mauled us on the boards. He had 22 total boards, more than the Pacers’ top three rebounders had combined. Ugh.

Still, if you win three out of every four you win 60 games, so all is not lost. We sure could’ve used Ike tonight, though.