Keeping Pace: Granger POTY, Power Rankings


Danny Granger was named Eastern Conference Player of the Week yesterday. Personally, I might have gone with Mike Dunleavy, but the NBA tends to push its up-and-coming stars. Granger does lead the league in threes, though, with 10. –

Pacers in the Power Rankings:

ESPN – 14th

"Focus, if you wish, on the fact that their victims — Washington, Miami and Memphis — are a combined 0-8 so far. The Pacers, with so little expected from them, rank as our undisputed Team O’ The Week regardless." – 6th

"Off: 109.2 (11), Def: 97.5 (4) — 3-0? The Pacers? With Jermaine O’Neal missing one game and not playing more than 25 minutes in the other two? What’s going on here?"

Dime Magazine – 14th

"What did we say last week? “Unless Granger and someone from the law firm of Murphy, Tinsely & Dunleavy has a monster season, J.O. will be sulking (and probably injured) by Christmas.” Granger (22.7 ppg, 8.7 rpg) and Dunleavy (22.3 ppg, 9 rpg) each had a monster opening week, and Tinsley is handing out more than 8 assists per night. Jermaine is happy."