SUPER BOWL 41 1/2!!!


Game Points:

Patriots – Rosevelt Colvin (ROLB) and Ty Warren (DE) have been out for blood all season, packing in the hits from the outside.

Colts – Dwight Freeney (DE) forces teams to front two guys (or more) on him on every snap. The line naturally shifts right, thinning out Robert Mathis‘s side.

Patriots – Tom Brady is going to throw because their running game is too pansy with Maroney as the lead rusher. Again, Brady is going to throw.

Colts – Harrison is not at his best yet, but he’s going to cause some problems today…I can feel it.

Patriots – Asante Samuel is looking to pick off Peyton again and again today, only racking up his total of Manning-INTs for his career.

Colts – Peyton Manning is going to have a career game against this explosive yet predictable defense. Peyton’s had years to study this defense, and New England did little in the offseason to spice it up. I see big things for Peyton today!

Patriots – Addai vs. Maroney…PLEASE!!! Laurence Maroney is weak and Joseph Addai has been having a close-to-stellar year for a sophomore. If Addai breaks the line, he’s gone today, especially on the play actions.

Colts – Bob Sanders!!! ‘Nuff said…Oh, wait…Could he be the player to Go Golooley! on Brady’s ass???

Here’s the breakdown (as I see it):

Peyton Manning/Tom Brady PUSH (I really can’t decide b/c they’re both masters of deconstructing a defense.)

Joseph Addai/Laurence Maroney Addai (hands down)

Kenton Keith/Kevin Faulk Keith

Dallas Clark/Ben Watson Clark (hands down)

Marvin Harrison/Randy Moss Moss (hey, Marvin’s knee isn’t 100% yet)

Reggie Wayne/Donte Stallworth Wayne, Wayne, Wayne…

Anthony Gonzalez/Wes Welker Welker (he’s impressive, I’m sorry)

Marvin Harrison/Asante Samuel PUSH (even injured, Harrison only drops to even in talent with Samuel)

Reggie Wayne/Ellis Hobbs Wayne (surprise, surprise)

Dwight Freeney/Logan Mankins Freeney (hell, even throw Matt Light in there! I don’t care!)

Tom Brady/Colts Secondary ??? (I’m going red here b/c so far this season, Brady’s on it so he’s got the edge, but the Colts Secondary is fantastic either way.)

Peyton Manning/Pats Secondary Manning (and I’m not just being biased here)

Laurence Maroney/Colts LBs Tyjuan Hagler, Gary Brackett, Freddy Keiaho are going to have a field day today with this clown!