The Road to No. 1 Starts in Raleigh


The Colts began their road to the Super Bowl, really, on Monday night against Jacksonville. Next is 4-2 Carolina, and it’s not going to be easy. Then, well…then there’s New England and San Diego, one giant and one returning-to-form-giant in the following weeks. And speaking of Giants, Eli Manning’s in London today playing the red-headed stepchildren of the NFL. Yeah, way to go Goodell…you try to spread the NFL’s influence by sending a mediocre team on a streak and skidmarks of the NFL. Gosh, I can’t see why the world wouldn’t eat futbol americana up.

Alright, the Colts…First, take a look at NFL Network’s Playbook for the Colts. Start noticing during today’s game against the Panthers how the Colts are utilizing their left side for the run (when everyone thought the left side was the weak side because of Tarik Glenn’s retirement and a frosh is at the helm). Also, ask yourself if Reggie Wayne is shaping his season up to his best yet. Here’s the video.

Second, Harrison and Keiaho are out for today’s game.

And speaking of today’s game, guess who the Panthers decided to start against the Colts?

Next, for all of you fantasy footballers out there in ColtsLand, here’s the ESPN take on Week 8. It looks like Kenton’s getting some respect now.

Finesse? Still? This is an article by Len Pasquerelli detailing the Colts’ physicality and how the Jags abandoned theirs by abandoning the killer rush game they’re known for. There’s also a video of Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne getting interviewed after the game. Also, how many questions did the Colts answer during the MNF game? Check out the scouting report in this article.

How did the ESPN video game between the Colts and the Panthers turn out? You’ll be surprised at the score! has the dish on today’s game. Check out the breakdown.