Carolina Panthers, Scouting Report


So David Carr might play this Sunday against the Colts if he’s healthy, says Coach Fox of Carolina… … …Okay, I’m sorry but I’m just not worried about David Carr. I mean, he’s a decent QB – he’s got skills and all – but that was in college. Had he not been the league’s speed bump since the day he was drafted, he might be just what the Panthers need this week, but, no, David Carr, if he plays, is not going to be a major threat.

This musical chairs that Carolina’s been do-si-dohing this season is just what the Colts need to expoit. None of the three decently talented QBs on the Panthers have had enough time to really make a difference. Jake “Of The Man” (Panthers’ passing leader) hasn’t played in the last three games due to injury, so they brought in Vinny Testaverde when Carr got injured and he’s been decent but now they’re talking about putting the Great NFL Punching Bag in with a 51.6% completion percentage, 2TDs to his 2INTs, and 5 Sacks for 35 yards lost. The Panthers’ 4th stringer has a better QB Rating than Carr. (Panthers QB stats)

But that’s just QBs. Let me drop a few names here…DeShaun Foster, Steve Smith (pic at right), Nick Goings, John Beason, DeAngelo Williams, John Kasay, Chris Gamble, Julius Peppers, Mike Rucker.

Despite backstroking through mediocrity, the Panthers have experience and they have results at 4-2 this season. Their QBs and their 0-2 record in home games this season might be well enough to pull out the victory. ( Which leads me to the article link below. Take a peak at the reward Peyton could earn with a win this week.)

Favre, Brady and Manning have what in common, exactly?