So Which Horseman Is Tom Brady?


It’s time for a little light reading about our Colts, who seem to be getting more and more attention. Since when is it possible for a defending Super Bowl champion team to “fly under the radar” in its defending year? Well, some are thinking 2007 is when it became possible. When Moss and Stallworth signed with the Pats and Brady became a Sith Lord of all New England, only second to Chancellor Belichick, that’s when.

Take a look at this phenomenal article written by our friends at ESPN. The Battle of Good and Evil is upon us! Before you jump over there though, do something to prepare yourself: Look at your shoes, close your eyes, shake your head back and forth, throw up a fist high in the air and start pumping that shit! Okay, when you’re ready to go…click here.

More Colts news:

I love this guy…Michael Silver for NFL Commissioner!
I think Jeff Chadiha might be the smartest man at ESPN. He’s the only one of eight analysts there to rank the Colts at No. 1.
So? Can the Pats really go undefeated this season?

And on a completely different tangent!

Jason Taylor in London…larger than life! Even though his team is down in the dumps. Good luck to them…They’re in the land of football with shinguards, warm beer and balls, not the world of 15lbs of padding, a helmet, cold beer and balls with cups over them. The Giants and the Phins face off in the latest futile attempt to invade the world with American football. I love America’s football, but deep down I’m still a futbol guy. Just like America won’t ever accept soccer, the world will never fully accept football.

America, open your eyes to the world and the world will open their eyes to You.

AP Photo/Tom Hevezi