Colts’ Report Card Through Week 7


Okay, we’re back from a restful bye week, so let’s get back to work!

There’s more to Monday Night‘s showdown between the Colts and the Jags than just bumps, bruises and pride. The Colts have sat atop the AFC South division for a number of years, very rarely falling out of first place from Game 1. The Jags are threatening this week to share the top of the toughest division in pro football.

AFC South Standings

 Indianapolis1.000 164 88 
 Jacksonville.800 100 58 
 Tennessee.600 94 72 
 Houston.500 133 136 

The Colts have recovered quite a bit, making the best of an early bye week.

Sanders and Keiaho are planning to play on Monday.
Harrison might play, but limited play would be best – the Jags being a little rougher than most teams. That’s one guy we’d all like to have healthy in the post-season.
Addai, Moorhead and Utecht should show up to play on Monday.
Rushing is back in the lineup, as well.

According to USA Today, here is the Colts report card through Week 7.

Passing Offense: B+     Still behind Brady and the Pats, though…By far.
Rush Offense: A     Addai and Keith are pushing their way to a record season.
Passing Defense: B     Allowing only 172.8 yards per team in the air, picking up 9 sacks (Sanders with 2.5), and picking off 6 interceptions (all by six different players)…This will do it.
Rush Defense:  B+     Limiting teams to a low 105.4 yards this season on the ground, and it’s not just Sanders’ presence. Last week’s game against Tampa Bay showed that.
Special Teams:  B     Vinatieri’s not shining, but he’s still getting the job done with 11 of 12 FGs made and 17 of 19 EPs made. And our return men are stepping up, too.
Coaching: A     Are you kidding me? Was this even in question? Honestly!

And, just a couple of fun facts from the Bye Week:

Vinatieri just needs one more field goal to reach the elusive 300-mark. Only 18 other kickers have made 300 field goals, and it looks like Vinatieri will be doing just that this Monday night.
– Indy’s only committed 20 penalties through the first five weeks.
– And, finally, rest assured…Peyton is alive and well! Some whacko played a prank on Indy-area media outlets saying that Peyton was killed in a car crash last week near the Indianapolis International Airport. False. Very, very false. Unless that’s Sorgi wearing the 18 this weekend! (Gasp!)

That should bring us up to date through the Bye Week!