Four teams remain undefeated going into Week 5: Colts, Patriots, Cowboys and Packers. And the one-loss teams are not too shabby either: Seahawks, Steelers, Titans, Jaguars, Buccaneers, Lions and Redskins. And, there are only three winless teams left: Rams, Dolphins and Saints. Everyone else is somewhere in the middle, making plays and being dangerous week in and week out.

Some in the media are (once again!) creating a mini-frenzy about the threat to the ’72 Phins. My opinion is simple: It’s only Week 4!!! There’s no need to buy into the hype about any team going 16-0. But, Jeffri Chadiha with ESPN has a few thoughts as to why this will never happen, too, speaking slightly more eloquently than myself on the subject. He mentions the ’05 Colts squad – if you remember them going 13-0 and falling to the Chargers – and interviews Edgerrin James (right), too, who has a few ideas himself as to why The Perfect NFL Season will never happen. Very interesting article. Take a look.