It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad League


This year, the league’s turning into one of those House of Mirrors you find at a carnival. What’s up is down, what’s left is right…Nothing is as it was predicted, except for the Patriots (ugh!).

To begin with, here’s a recap of Week 4 from ESPN’s Observational Deck.

* Brett Favre has and is making history.
* Oh, and the Pack are 4-0…whoduhthunkit!
* The Colts defensive players are stepping up and our red zone play is getting dangerous again.
* And, as reports: the Bears, Chargers and Saints are a combined 2-9 this season.
* Randy Moss is actually doing his job more than spouting off and complaining.
* Detroit‘s doing well, but the weird thing is that Kitna is leading them to their epic, holy victories.
* Something nobody thought would ever happen: Lovie Smith realizes how bad Grossman really is.
* It took a desperate Redskin squad to sign Keenan McCardell.
* Baltimore lost to WHO?

But, come on, the real “feel good story” of the year so far centers around the Browns and their too-loyal, fanatic fans. They won’t make it to the Super Bowl (like our Colts), but, hey, it’s nice to see some underdogs do well. Remember when the Colts were constant underdogs? Besides, the Dawgs haven’t been this happy since…well, since they came back into the league.