Big Win, But At What Cost?


Oh the injuries…Indy had a tough game against the Broncos, who are always a rough team to play. They’re physical and dominating in almost every sense…except, that is, when they play the Colts.

Despite being more or less dominated in the 2nd half, the Broncos still managed to take out 4 of our starters: Marvin Harrison (back/knee); Joseph Addai (bruised shoulder), right, who had a great game; Bob Sanders (bruised rib); Rob Morris (knee). Harrison and Sanders are questionable for this Sunday against Dungy‘s old team: Buccaneers. Addai should be back. He could’ve played the rest of the game yesterday, but the coaching staff made a wise decision to sit him. And Morris is probably out for the season…again.

But the Broncos suffered there own injuries too. Travis Henry, a rushing giant this season, was injured and so was rookie DT Marcus Thomas.

Here’s ESPN’s full recap.

So, let’s hope for a speedy recovery for everyone. It’s a good thing we have an easier game this Sunday and then a Bye Week. But we need as much talent on that field as we can get as we’re facing the Pats and the Bolts the following weeks.