The Colts are still No.2 behind the Pats The Colts are still No.2 behind the Pats The Colts are still No.2 behind the Pats

The Colts (and the Lions) Still Get No Love


The Colts are still No.2 behind the Pats, according to Yahoo! Sports weekly NFL rankings. I guess I’m okay with that…I grudgingly admit the Pats’ skillz, but that doesn’t get Belichick off the hook for JetsGate.

A few questions about each ranking…Let’s start with Jason Cole’s list:

1. How in the hell are the ‘Boys NOT at No. 3?
2. Am I reading this right: The Ickles are No. 9? What one exceptional game puts them in Super Bowl contention? It was one friggin’ game! They’re 1-2, for God’s sake!
3. The way the the Titans and the Texans are matching up this season, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be in the Top 10. Both of these teams are 2-1, yet you have three 1-2 teams above them (Ickles, Bolts and Bears). I don’t get it.

*This early in the season, I don’t think it’s right to push a “strength of schedule” argument.

Charles Robinson, his list I pretty much agree with…at least the Top 15, except for just a couple of things:

1. The Bears should be at the highest No. 15. They will not succeed with Rex at the helm.
2. The Lions need some love. They deserve higher; they’re working their asses off this season, even with a tool like Jon Kitna at QB.

Either way you look at it, ONCE AGAIN, the AFC Championship is going to be the actual Super Bowl this year (see pic to right). AFC is just the dominant conference today.

Here’s the article, all. Enjoy and chime in!!!

And, now, here’s a more respectable (and accurate, if you ask me) ranking list from ESPN. The only problem I see is how the Bills aren’t dead last. They have the worst offense and the worst defense in the league. What else says “dead last” than that?