Initial Scouting Report, Colts vs. Broncos


Who: Colts vs. Broncos
When: Sunday, 30-Sep, 415pm
Where: Hoosier (RCA) Dome, Indianapolis, Indiana

This is the best team the Colts have played so far this season, but it should be a victory, albeit a hard-fought one. The Broncos are no pushovers, especially with Champ Bailey and Dre Bly marking up against our two best receivers (Wayne and Harrison). Watch for even more balls played to Clark and Gonzalez, not to mention Keith. I’m saying Keith over Addai because I have a feeling Dungy‘s going to push Addai to his limits. The Broncos D is fantastic…against the pass, but the run has a few holes this season. I see Keith coming in for more of a receiver role though still, of course, lining up behind Peyton Manning.

Oh, the pic to the right. So it’s not Jay Cutler, but it’ll end that way anyway right.

That’s my initial scouting report. I hope to have more after I take a closer look at the Bronc’s lineup and stats.