Week 3…Success?


Some would be really happy with the Colts’ 31-24 victory over the impressive, newly born Houston Texans with Matt Schaub at the helm. The Colts struggled during the 1st half, and barely held off the dangerous Texans in the 2nd half.

1. The Colts showed major cracks in our special teams, especially on that opening kickoff committing a penalty and then allowing a run-back TD on the re-kick. Not a good sign of a Super Bowl-bound special teams unit. This is after a Week 2’s dismal showing against the Titans where one FG was blocked (but still made counted for three as it hit the crossbar and bounced in) and an EP was missed completely.

2. Peyton wasn’t making too many mistakes yesterday, but the receivers had a hard time getting open. The good things were Dallas Clark and rookie Antonio Gonzalez were open several times. So, is it good defense why Marvin and Reggie had a statistically off-day, or is something else.

3. A good passing game opens up a good running game, and yesterday it kind of seemed like Joseph Addai (look at him soar for a TD!) went well beyond. Speaking of the run game, Kenton Keith looked okay on his few runs, but nearly cost the Colts dearly when he fumbled the ball in the 4th quarter. At least Reggie Wayne found himself in the right position then and jumped on the ball before three Texans did.

But that defense looked like they were making strides, which is all we can ask for them after their turbulent off-season. There were cracks, but at least we can see them get better and better every week.

The Colts won…fantastic…but our boys have a rough schedule ahead of them in the October-November months, kicked off by Denver and Tampa in the next two weeks, followed by a bye week before 4 really tough weeks: Jacksonville, Carolina, New England and San Diego…Not too much room for error heading into the mid-mark.

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