Back To Our Colts


We’ve had some fun checking news around the league this week, but let’s get back to our Colts!

Houston Texans, Sunday @ 1pm, Reliant Stadium, Houston, Texas. Locally, I’m thinking it’s Channel 13. Tune in because you might be in for a show.

Granted, the Houston Suxins haven’t been much competition since their franchise began, but remember they beat us last year in December and Andre Johnson only caught 3 passes that game. Speaking of Andre Johnson, he might not play this Sunday which is great news for the Colts. Johnson’s a marquee receiver with the height and strength of T.O., the speed of Randy Moss (okay, not quite), and the hands of our own Marvin Harrison, but the Texans may still be alright without him.

Their defense has stepped up much like ours the past two games, defeating Carolina and Kansas City, pushing them to a franchise first 2-0. 2006’s No.1 draft pick went to LB Mario Williams who is showing outstanding talent and vision so far this season with 2 sacks and a 38-yard interception TD against the Chiefs alone. Also, DT Amobe Okoye sacked Delhomme twice last Sunday.

But the main point of interest (arguably, throughout the league) is the upgrading of the Texans QB. Carr was the face of the Texans since their inaugural season in ’02, but Schaub is the QB that wooed Kubiak into a deal. Catch up on this interesting “love affair” between Coach Kube and Schaub in this ESPN article.

The Texans are coming hard this weekend with or without Andre Johnson. They ran for 191 yards last December against the Colts, so our defense has their work cut out for them. Veteran RBs Ahman Green and Ron Dayne are making a statement so far this season by a combined average of 110 rushing yards/game.