The Colts, No. 2? Really? REALLY?


The Patriots pulled out a big win last weekend against the Bolts, proving without a shadow of a doubt that they are as good as they say, despite the videotaping controversy hovering over them. But they’re No. 1 in the new NFL rankings! What? They’re 2-0 to begin the season and, yes, they manhandled the Chargers, but should we count that first game against the Jets, the game in which JetsGate surfaced?

The Colts are No. 2 right now. Is that fair? These guys have come out and dominated the other powerhouse in the league, the Close-To-Being-Dubbed-The-‘Aints. But TN always gives us a hard time, and they’ve gotten better over the years finally making them a real threat…we still won. Without videotaping in either game.

This isn’t a matter of semantics, it’s a matter of the Pats only being 1-0 after JetsGate. The Colts earned both of their wins and impressively, I might add. Our defense stepped up against twoof the most feared running attacks this season, the second win coming without two starting LBs. I don’t what else it’s going to take to get that No. 1 spot.

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