I’ve never had a problem with big Donny Mac but this time he kind of crossed the line, saying that black QBs are put at a higher standard than white QBs like Peyton Manning or Carson Palmer.

It breaks down like this: If you produce then you have nothing worry about. McNabb’s been dormant so far this season, really breaking down against the ‘Skins last weekend, and he’s missed 13 games between this year and last year. Of course you’re going to get criticized. At least Peyton’s doing something! He’s making plays, creating possibilities on the field, winning games (with his D, of course), breaking records AND he’s just won a Super Bowl ring. Can McNabb say the same?

Also, he says that people generally don’t want a black QB. What about the running back position?Not too many whites play there either and you don’t see them complaining.

McNabb needs to pull his head out of you-know-where and start producing before he says something else stupid.