Cheers to the Defense!


So how about our defense, eh? Not bad. Interchangeable, powerful and damn fast…you can’t ask for much more except for experience, but they’re quickly gaining that with each week.

The Titans were a big threat yesterday, too. They shut down Freeney (his second consecutive game without a sack) and Young was dangerous whenever he rolled out of the pocket. But there was Big Bob Sanders keeping an eye on him, though he denies that he was “assigned” to Young. Sanders had an All-Pro game yesterday with 11 tackles and 2.5 sacks…proving once again his HOF status someday. The Colts were also sans two starting LBs in Rob Morris and Freddy Keiaho, but that didn’t matter much.

Check out this article from Yahoo! Sports about our young but potentially lethal D.

So, let’s hear it: How do you feel about the Colts D?