Why Not A Suspension?


Why hasn’t Coach Belichick been suspended for his involvement in the WaterJets Scandal? Well, maybe because they’ve already been punished to the max…$500,000 fine to Belichick and the loss of a 1st Round draft pick. A suspension simply wasn’t enough, according to Commissioner Goodell:

“I specifically considered whether to impose a suspension on Coach Belichick,” Goodell wrote in a letter to the team. “I have determined not to do so, largely because I believe that the discipline I am imposing of a maximum fine and forfeiture of a first-round draft choice, or multiple draft choices, is in fact more significant and long-lasting, and therefore more effective, than a suspension.”

But remember that no matter how big a thorn Brady and his team are in our sides, it’s not their fault. This order to cheat came higher than the players. The team is still one of the three to beat this year, despite their coaches’ shortcomings. The Colts and the Bolts round it out.

Besides, we should all watch the big game between the Chargers and the Patriots this Sunday night on Channel 13. It’ll be a great watch either way, especially since it’s going to be as clean as you can get. We’re going to really see how good the Pats are.