Conference Matchup Today


Keep an eye on that Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars game today at 1pm EST.

The Titans are coming in with Vince Young at the helm (at right) who has two great sets of hands to pass to in Eric Moulds and  Brandon Jones. In addition to this, LenDale White has come aboard to lead the rushing game. And, don’t forget, should Young get injured they’ve got a proven backup QB in Kerry Collins. The Titan defense isn’t much to write home about, but they do have two ex-Colts, Corey Simon and Nick Harper.

Now, those Jaguars – the Colts’ only real competition in the AFC South in the last few years – are coming in heavy and dangerous, too. In a recent (and extremely surprising move) David Gerard was named Jags’ starting QB…releasing Byron Leftwich after an entire offseason of the coaching staff and front office telling him that he was the Jags frontman. Low blow, but Gerard is who we have to worry about now, and we should worry about him. But we should worry a helluva lot more about their running core: Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew are returning with one major goal besides winning a Super Bowl and that’s destroying their competition for the AFC South, and that’s who? The Colts. Now, the Jags’ defense isn’t much either, but they do have Rashean Mathis, John Henderson, and Mike Peterson to worry about.

The Titans are being touted as a team to worry about, but I don’t buy it. They’ve got a few really good players, but they have more personality on their team than actual talent. We should draw the line being the two, as personality doesn’t win games – with the exception of Moulds and Harper who are simply talent at its best. The Jags, however, like every year, are going to be dangerous. ESPN analysts – Hammerin’ Hank among them – are even calling them to the Super Bowl. It was never Leftwich that made them dangerous. It was their running game, which very few teams have been able to stop.

And if it’s not the game your interested in then at least you can check out the Jags’ cheerleading core. Hi girls…