Tonight’s The Night!


I’ve been wearing my white Manning jersey since I woke up because…tonight, Thursday, September 6, 2007…the Colts take on a very tough, talented and dangerous New Orleans Saints squad. The game’s at the Hoosier (RCA) Dome tonight with a kickoff at 830pm.

This is what we’re up against…Reggie Bush, Drew Brees, Marques Colston, Deuce McAllister, Will Smith, Mark Simoneau, and…(drumroll)…Jason David at CB! Our own Wayne and Moorehead are going up against this guy, and we know how flippin’ great he is…But I think we’ve got him covered.

Here’s your cheat sheet, folks. I know I linked this a few days ago, but here it is so you don’t have to go trapseing around the web. Have this page up during the game tonight so you can keep track. By the way, check out all the underlined names…those are the rookies on the 2007 Colts squad!

Colts’ Offensive Depth Chart:

QB  18 Peyton Manning          12 Jim Sorgi                       
RB  29 Joseph Addai                36 Kenton Keith               45 Luke Lawton
HB  86 Ben Utecht                   81 Bryan Fletcher
WR 87 Reggie Wayne              85 Aaron Moorehead
WR 88 Marvin Harrison         11 Anthony Gonzalez       83 Roy Hall
TE   44 Dallas Clark                 86 Ben Utecht                   81 Bryan Fletcher
C     63 Jeff Saturday               57 Dylan Gandy
RT  71 Ryan Diem                    74 Charlie Johnson           75 Michael Toudouze
LT  67 Tony Ugoh                    76 Dan Federkeil
RG  73 Jake Scott                     57 Dylan Gandy                   
LG  65 Ryan Lilja                     57 Dylan Gandy                   

Colts’ Defensive Depth Chart:

LE    98 Robert Mathis            91 Josh Thomas           61 Keyunta Dawson
LT    79 Raheem Brock            95 Darrell Reid            97 Quinn Pitcock
RT    62 Ed Johnson                 90 Dan Klecko
RE    93 Dwight Freeney         60 Jeff Charleston
SLB  94 Rob Morris                 50 Rocky Boiman        52 Ramon Guzman
MLB 58 Gary Brackett           94 Rob Morris
WLB 54 Freddy Keiaho          56 Tyjuan Hagler         55 Clint Session
LCB  26 Kelvin Hayden           34 T.J. Rushing             20 Dante Hughes
RCB  28 Marlin Jackson          27 Tim Jennings            32 Michael Coe
SS     21 Bob Sanders               43 Matt Giordano        
FS     41 Antoine Bethea          39 Melvin Butler           42 Brandon Condren

Colts Special Teams Depth Chart:

P   17 Hunter Smith
K    4 Adam Vinatieri
H   17 Hunter Smith                12 Jim Sorgi
PR 34 T.J. Rushing                  32 Michael Coe            36 Kenton Keith
KR 34 T.J. Rushing                  36 Kenton Keith         
PC 48 Justin Snow                   86 Ben Utecht             45 Luke Lawton
KC 48 Justin Snow                  86 Ben Utecht             45 Luke Lawton