The New “Plug” In Town


So, here it is…For those of you ramping up for the actual 2007 NFL season and who have just “missed” those preseason games, here is your introduction to Ed Johnson. This kid has got some talent and, yes, I’m jumping on the bandwagon (actually, he’s a rookie so I may be starting the bandwagon). He’s played nearly every defensive position a big man can play, including a stint as TE in college. Today, he finds himself the Colts’ new starting Defensive Right Tackle.

With the release of Corey Simon (last I heard, he was with the Titans so we’ll see him again this season) and the loss of Booger to injury, the Colts have a dangerous gap (again!) in their run defense. But Polian and Dungy found this Ed Johnson guy straight out of Penn State and he looks pretty promising.

Johnson signed on with the Colts on May 5, 2007, and this undrafted rookie made some serious waves in all four preseason games, especially versus the ‘Boys with two sacks (see photo to right), among other things.

Here’s a few stats to get acclimated with Eddie. You might be seeing quite a bit of him this season.