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Ask anyone out here and they’ll say a weak point of the Broncos this year is going to be their defense. Yeah! I know! The Broncos’ D is a weak point??? John Lynch and Nick Ferguson aren’t any younger than last year and this might be the year that it shows, too. And not that Cutler is a shaky choice at QB (he’s pretty quality) but I just find the Broncos in a transition year. Transition into what? Well, no one’s too sure right now but the general voice, basically, out here in Bronco Land is a proud one for their home team, but just not that confident.

Which should make Sept 30th  easier than expected, something any of us would like to hear (the Broncos might not be up to a Super Bowl run this year).

A quick point: That’s Lynch there in the photo tackling Rhodes…with one hand! I don’t care what team he plays for, John Lynch is a badass in any uniform he wears no matter what age he is…John Lynch is the baddest badass in the league. Well, that is, if you’ve somehow forgotten about our own Bob Sanders.

Until next posting.