Colts ’07 Depth Chart


Well, here it is, folks! The Reaper has killed many an NFL hopeful and that depth chart – your Boys in Blue – has been released.

I am sad to say that I’ve been calling for Dede Dorsey (getting tackled in the Colts last preseason game against the Motor City Kittens) to be at least a 3rd stringer, but Dede just didn’t shine during this preseason. But the Colts have always had a deep roster, especially at the RB position. Let’s see if Addai’s got some support in the Consanant Duo:  Kenton Keith and Luke Lawton (who is also the starting FB). PM and JA might have serious TO’s with TD b/c KK and LL might not be up to the needed PT thoughout this year’s SB run.

But my fingers are crossed: Polian and Dungy have made few mistakes in picking the best talent available, so I’m not too concerned. I’m just a little upset that my pick didn’t make it. (I’m a softy for underdogs…Give ’em hell next year, Dede!)

But let’s give it up for rookie Ed Johnson fresh out from under Old Joey P’s wing at Penn State! Damn, he’s a big boy, and he’s now your new Defensive RT to hopefully fill that enormous gap that the loss of Simon and Booger left. More on Eddie later, though.

Check out the Colts ’07 Depth Chart.