Peyton Manning is always on point in the game, commercials, and helping people. A recent quote of his shows how special of a person he is and how much he loves the city of New Orleans. I’m just glad we don’t have his brother.

"On the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Manning gave an impromptu boost to the tourism industry in his hometown of New Orleans by calling on those who have not visited the city recently to return.“People around the country need to know they can still use their help and support,” Manning told reporters. “Prayers and money are good, but there has been progress in certain areas and people can visit those areas. They need the tourists to come back.”Manning’s parents and older brother, Cooper, still live in New Orleans, and after the hurricane struck in August 2005, Manning was one of the league’s biggest names to lend support to the recovery effort. Manning and his younger brother, Eli, even shipped a planeload of supplies back home."