A Celebrity Might Finally Have It Right


As if the entire world hasn’t heard yet I’d like to offer a quick update – and a few thoughts – on the Michael Vick situation.

I feel like one of the few who will speak up about the “race” issue surrounding Vick’s dilemma. First of all, dogfighting is inhumane and sub-human no matter who does it. This simply has NOTHING to do with race, and however Vick is demonized by this case it has absolutely nothing to do with his skin color! Pitiful that we fought, basically, two wars to rid this country of the race issue (Civil War and the 1960’s) – white or black and everyone in between – and people STILL want to pull that card! I think I’m more sickened that people have even brought race into this whole quagmire than by Vick’s subhuman sense of humor. It’s a court case, Michael Vick…Michael Vick tortured, starved, bullied, and sent innocent dogs into a slaughter for fun and financial gain! How in the hell does race come into this! I say to those pulling the race card: Grow up and stop perpetuating the race issue every time someone gets caught breaking the law!

The Atlanta Falcons are ready, now that the NFL Commissioner has lifted restrictions on the Falcons front office to seek any penalties or monetary revocations from Vick by suspending him without pay indefinitely, to send the Repo Man to collect some $22 million from Vick’s partially-paid 10-year $130 million contract. Check out the full article for more details on this transaction.

I’m obligated by fair judgement to give Vick an inkling of credit. It’s not that he asked forgiveness from his teammates, the league, his friends and family, and has asked Jesus into his heart (as all celebrities seem to do when they get caught dogfighting, with illegal drugs, or in bed with an under-age transexual hooker…ha! Remember Hugh Grant? It’s either ask for Jesus or play some rehab-hopscotch throughout the Carribean…I digress). No, I give Vick an inkling of credit because he’s got to be the FIRST celebrity/athlete to actually apologize to the kids and everyone else who looks up to him. He’s got skill that very few in the NFL could dream of (imagine Peyton with Vick’s legs…!) but no one in the NFL is going to miss him. Everyone watching him on tv every weekend, those are the people who are going to miss him. Yes, the league is going to have a gaping hole where a serious talent like Vick’s once was, but it’s his fans and future fans that are really out (besides himself, of course).