An Impressive Outing


The Colts were on top of their game on yesterday’s 3rd preseason match against the Detroit Lions. Granted, the Lions haven’t been quality since Barry Sanders, and even then their quality is in question, but the Colts shined in their 37-10 win.

The Colts’ offense did exceptionally well, but not just in terms of points scored. Sorgi was 16 of 23 for a solid 171 yards and lined up two touchdowns…not bad for a backup with almost zero game minutes in the NFL.

Also, though Moorehead caught the first three passes on the Colts’ opening drive, Roy Hall (R-OSU) caught a high pressure 3rd and 10 from the Lions’ 46 yard line. Okay, so it wasn’t terribly “high pressured” but it shows Hall’s poise on a 3rd and long situation, especially across the middle.

One more preseason game and then the Saints!