Okay Dede, Here’s Your Chance!


According to Coach Dungy, Addai may not see too many minutes this Saturday against the Detroit Lions in Preseason Game #3. The preseason is winding down and the coaches around the NFL are having to make some last-minute cuts to their teams, which is why the pressure is mounting against those No Names out there.

But as for the Colts, Dede Dorsey (there is to the right in camp, Peyton looking on) – a loyalist for a few years – is going to have to prove quite a bit before the season opener against the Saints on September 6. I’m pulling for this kid because, as far as Indy RBs go, Dorsey seems to fit in really well with the composed, tough, talented squad of RBs Indy’s always had. But he’s up against some good challengers too in Kenton Keith and Clifton Dawson who will some PT tomorrow too!

Give ’em hell, Dede!

The game? Tomorrow, Saturday, August 25 at 7pm in The Dome.