Vick Is Just Sick


So, that’s pretty much a wrap…Vick’s days of making minced meat out of the league’s defenses and innocent dogs are over! And I can’t be happier. It has nothing to do with his athletic ability (which goes without saying that he’s truly an amazing football talent…possibly the progenitor of a new species of quarterback), but it has everything to do with his status as subhuman after he will admit to pitting dogs against each other to the death on his residential property.

In fact, the details are as follows: Vick will admit to gambling and illegal dogfighting. He will admit to participating in the execution of eight dogs who did poorly in fights by means of drowning and hanging, among others. There are no words to describe how SICK Vick is…So, the gambling is enough to bar the Pro Bowler from the NFL for life, but federal prosecutors can, by law, give him the max for dog fighting: $250,000 fine and up to five years in prison. But I have yet to hear anything about cruelty to animals. I say, Throw the book at this monster.

I hope Vick gets cable in jail so he can watch every weekend what he threw away.

And, if you’re wondering about the photo here…This is Molly. She’s a pitbull and she was rescued on the side of the road after being left for dead. It turns out that Molly was used as “bait” for other fighting pitbulls. She was nothing but a chew toy before a fight. Take a good look at Molly – stare for just a minute – and this is the monstrous ideals Michael Vick and his loser cronies helped continue. If this doesn’t spark anger in you, then I don’t know what would.

As much as I loved to watch Vick’s highlight reels, I wouldn’t bat another eye if I never saw him again. Slap some cuffs on him, toss him in an orange jumpsuit, exchange his name for a number and show him to the pitbulls waiting on him in the Big Dog House. Let’s see if those animal lovers will give him any quarter.

(And when it comes to stuff like this, the last thing that can be said is that “people make mistakes.” Animal cruelty is not a mistake – along with child neglect, child and domestic abuse, and rape. These things are all life choices, a part of some person’s twisted personality. There is simply no excuse.)