Enough Already!!!


Stop! Stop! Enough! No more hyping up this Colts-Bears PRESEASON matchup tomorrow night! It’s a new season and it’s not even counting on our 2007 record. I just don’t get the media sometimes. Peyton, Addai, Rex…they won’t even be playing but maybe during the first quarter.

I’m at a loss, is all.

So, those of you who just want to watch some football, tune in tomorrow night at 8pm on ESPN. It’s nationally televised so I hope it’s also locally televised. But tune in to see the new talent! The Colts are doing well, despite their loss to the ‘Boys. Dungy, in his many interviews before and during camp, seems to be really comfortable with the Colts second-string players. This is all the buildup…the buildup to an incredible season!

I can feel it! Can you?