Take Your Time, Sanders


Bob Sanders, the spark in the Colts defense late last season, is taking his time returning to the field. His continuous knee problems and shoulder surgery are leaving him in quite a pickle as he’s entering his final season with Colts. That is, he needs to play as much as possible just in case he’s looking for somewhere else to go (god forbid!). The Iowa superstar has never finished a full 16-game schedule, so Dungy’s wanting him to recuperate as much as possible.

Dungy’s shooting for the 3rd game of preseason, but if you ask me – and Dungy’s definitely NOT – I think Sanders should hold off a little longer. He hasn’t even worked out in camp yet and they’re going to throw him into a game? Doesn’t make sense to me. We have, what, about 4 weeks or less until the season officially kicks off. That’s a full month of easing the injured Bob back into game-time play! Then again, it all depends on the extent of Bob’s injuries, too, and that information hasn’t been officially released yet. It only seems natural, but, hey, Tony’s the coach and I’m not, so Father Dungy knows best, right? I mean he did maneuver a beautifully self-destructive squad to a Super Bowl victory last year, didn’t he?

That is, when Dungy told Bob to put on the helmet and get back out there.