Achoo! Excuse Me…Booger’s Out


After a tipoff from an esteemed reader here at Naptown’s Finest, I’ve learned that Booger McFarland the Colts trading-deadline acquisition last season, is out for several weeks with a serious knee injury. To be specific, he muffed up his patela tendon (whatever that means…probably something having to do with his kneecap, I think) and Dungy says he’s done for at least four weeks, most likely much longer.

We kind of need Booger. He came from Tampa last season and really filled in some of that black hole-like cavern in our run defense opened up by Corey Simon’s sideline excursions. We have a few prospects for Defensive Tackle in the meantime, but someting tells me it’s not going to be the same without him. Keyunta Dawson and Quinn Pitcock (who missed the first week of camp because of a leg injury) are coming off a decent years in college, but, come on, professional ball is entirely different.

Raheem Brock is starting at the other DE position.

So, let’s hope he gets back soon. We’ve got another Super Bowl  to win and our Super Bowl win, let’s face it, wouldn’t have happened had that run defense (the D as a whole, actually) not stepped up…and Booger’s great for plugging those hairy holes.