Dede the Dedestroyer


If you remember, I told people to watch out for Dede Dorsey last month. With Rhodes gone and Addai taking over the feature back position there’s room for a new backup to Addai. That’s where Dorsey’s most likely going to fill in.

“He’s an explosive guy,” Coach Dungy said. “He can make people miss in the open field…[And] I think he has some toughness.”

Owner Bill Polian has also said of Dorsey: “We never got to see him run live in a game, but what he did in practice really gave you every indication he can be [the second running back in Indy’s two-back rotation].

Dungy compares Dorsey to Rhodes in terms of the excitement Dorsey plays with and in terms of the excitement Dorsey can give the game. So let’s continue to keep our eyes on this kid from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. He came to play and he can play.