Johnson vs. Vick


Is it me or has the local news media lost their minds? I’ve seen three – that’s right, THREE – different reports comparing Charlie Johnson’s dog bite incident and Michael Vick’s dog-fighting ring. Unbelievable! Is there that little intelligence in our news reports these days that someone would even consider the two in the realm of similarities. That’s like comparing a sprained ankle to Joe Theisman’s knee injury.

Let’s get this straight…Vick and his cronies (allegedly) put dogs on rusty chains, led them into a box after depriving them of food and water for days and pissing them off, and then letting them loose to rip each other apart until one dies. Charlie Johnson’s dog – watered and fed regularly (I’m sure) – escaped from its fenced area and bit a child. Still, Johnson’s situation is a sad one in which a child is seriously affected, but Vick ruthlessly pinned animal versus animal for sport.

If someone can’t see the difference there then they’re no better than the news media.