Two New Additions!


Alright listen up ’cause I’m only saying this once. The first football game I remember ever watching was the New York Giants vs. the Buffalo Bills…what I call the Scott Norwood Bowl. I was nine years old and I was a Buffalo fan then, but wait! Then something happened. They repeated and repeated and repeated their Super Bowl appearances, all a different shade of the Scott Norwood Bowl, but just as depressing. I turned my focus to my hometown team, the Colts led by then-It Man: Jim Harbaugh…but deep in the back of my mind I silently hoped the Bills did well each season. The same holds true today. (Nothing beats those epic last second field goal misses Buffalo would courageously muster at the Hoosier Dome so as NOT to break tradition!) And I still maintain today that even though they lost 4 years in a row, they were still the greatest all-around-talent team ever assembled.

There…I said it. Now, before I go Clorox the hell out of my mouth here’s the announcement. (Ack!)

There’s a new addition to the Fan-Sided Blog Network…the BuffaLowDown!  Kevin over there has me rolling on the floor with his posts so I highly suggest you take a peak.


Also, another addition to the Fan-Sided Blog Network comes straight to you from America’s “Whale’s Vagina” itself – San Diego! Missionary? No, no. I’m positive the Chargers play in Whale’s Vagina, California. Anyway…take a peak at this website and take more peaks during the season, because let’s be honest: next to the Pats, the Colts don’t have a team that could come close to rivaling them in the NFL other than those Bolts.