Fantasy Football Picks ’07


My draft preferences are set for my fantasy team this year. Last year, I took the Manning-Harrison connection, Reggie Bush and Dominic Rhodes, and Heath Miller as TE.

This year, I’m taking another tac (list includes entire roster):

QB – Matt Leinart (AZ), Peyton Manning(IND), Tom Brady (NE)
RB – Thomas Jones(NYJ), Joseph Addai(IND), Frank Gore (SF), Maurice Jones-Drew (JAX)
WR – Anquan Boldin (AZ), Reggie Wayne (IND), Randy Moss (NE), T.J. Hoosyourmama (CIN), Larry Fitzgerald (AZ)
TE – Antonio Gates (SD), Tony Gonzalez (KC), Kellon Winslow (CLE)
KAdam Vinatieri (IND), Jay Feeley (MIA)
D – Chicago Bears, New England Patriots

So, you can see my strategy…I’m really thinking Arizona’s set for a dangerously good year and that’s why I’m ranking them tops in my book this year…well, right behind the Colts, of course.

Edgerrin James will have a great year, too, but not better than the ones I have listed here, I think. T Jones’ move to the Jets will be just the spark they need to take out Buffalo and the Phins, but the Pats will remain on top this year. Gore, I think, is the most underrated RB in the league and Jones-Drew can just be a badass, plain and simple. And Addai’s performance last season was just a precursor to something enormous.

The WR’s are just to compliment my QBs, increase the chances for points. That, and the first three mentioned are the 3 best WRs going into the 2007 season. (It kills me not to put Marvin Harrison and Chad Johnson on there, but I’m trying to be honest here.)

Kellon Winslow‘s an ass (the way he called out Gates and Gonzalez last year saying he was the greatest TE ever when he’s only played 7 games in the league), but he’s good. But, c’mon! No TE out there now can equalize a game like Gates and Gonzalez.

The kickers are a no-brainer. I also like Josh Scobee of Jacksonville.

I’d love to pick the Colts’ defense that showed up during the 2006 post-season, but, alas, most have moved on and the Colts are starting fresh. Next year, perhaps, but in the meantime, I think da Bears and the Pats will be ferocious this year. They’ve got 2 of the best LBs in the league in Urlacher and Bruschi.